shutter world window solutions shutter world window solutions

Since 1999

Shutter World provides everything you need to make your windows smile-with 1000.s of happy customers.

shutter world window solutions shutter world window solutions

Shutters for Every Interior

A variety of affordable plantation shutters and window treatments.

shutter world window solutions shutter world window solutions

Beautiful Hardwood Shutters

Made to the highest standard and designed to last a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Custom made Shutters

Welcome to Shutter World. We specialize in offering custom-made shutters across the United Kingdom. Trusted by hundreds of happy clients, our wide variety of shutters combine quality.

Arched shutters
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Creative solutions

The Most Creative Ideas For Your Windows

What do you look for when choosing a new company to work with,
buy from when making home improvements,
adding new fixtures and fittings to make your home feel and look beautiful?
We recently asked customers, old and new, to find out what they wanted to experience. And as you can imagine, the answers poured in and varied.
But, the consistent message that came back can be summed up in these three sentences.
“I want someone who will listen to our ideas and be honest with us if they think there’s a better solution.”

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Shutter Solutions


If you enjoy saving time and gadgets to make life easier, you’re going to love shutter Automation. This provides all the extra…


If you’re looking for Premium Hardwood Shutters with exceptional profiles and grain definition- look no further than the Ashwood…


Hybrawood / Georgia Specialist Shutter range offers the most affordable choice for everyone looking for quality MDF panels and…


The Basswood shutter range is crafted from durable hardwood panels and MDF framesensure this range is high quality whilst still…


More than just aesthetically-pleasing, our blinds make your life easier. Cleaning time is halved as the shutters only require…


The Antigua range is an entry-level premium product made from MDF, covered with an extruded polypropylene coating. Available…


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes there is a 50% deposit when placing the order and the balance after we have completed the installation of your shutters.

We except all major credit/debit cards / cheques / online payment gate / cash and bank transfer.

Normal Lead times are 10 / 12 weeks from placing your order except for special shapes ie: arched / triangles etc theses can take upto 12 / 14 weeks.

The below warranty terms are applicable to all products delivered by the Shutter World
. The colour fastness is warrantee for 3 years
. Workmanship is warrantee for 3 years
. Hardware is warrantee for 3 years
. Stainless steel hardware is warrantee for 3 years

Onsite survey
Custom Shutters

I was delighted with Shutter World’s attention to detail when it came to getting their advice on an awkward window. Ken took the time to explain our options and since the first order.The overall the experience was superb.

Discounts available on 4 sqm or more
Just a little something to help with your project

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