1920’s Renovation | Max’s Bedroom

Today I bring you a second area in my large 1920’s recovery project.

This distance was designed for a sweet little boy.  He is quite imaginative and always building anything, therefore I believed that a big play area in the center of the area will be ideal.  Now, every time that I go back to this project, there is usually some kind of elaborate castle or building going on right now at the middle of the rug.  It was pretty funny.   I’m certain that this was ideal space planning for this particular child and a space for hours of imaginative play!
So here is the before of the room from when my customer’s bought the home.  It was seriously stuck in the 70’s and not in a great way.  On the other hand, the room did had one redeeming quality and that was it’s grasscloth walls that were in excellent condition.  As you know, grasscloth is rear and beautiful again, so I had the walls coated and secure during the course of their recovery so we could continue to keep the grasscloth walls.  That’s pretty much everything that remains of their original area.

And this really is your space now…

Crisp and tidy and boy.  Although he is young today, we selected pieces of furniture that didn’t feel too young and he would have the ability to develop well with.

There is a little alcove at the space that leads to his personal tub and to one of two closets in the area.
Here is the alcove before…

And this really is your alcove now…
We changed out the prior light fixture using a little, galvanized caged maritime lighting.  You may see it better from the photograph above.  We also additional wood flooring throughout.

I tried to restore and keep many of the home’s original details as you can, like these glass knobs whom I love so much!

From this angle you can view into his little private bathroom .

This is another before of the other side of the space…

And this really is the area now…

Don’t you just love that galvanized barn lighting together with the bright red bulb cage.  It is such an enjoyable detail!
Red Tolix chair good!
If you’re new around here and need to find out more spaces in this wonderful home just kind”1920s renovation” into the search bar and every one the spaces I have previously blogged about if pop up:–RRB-

I’m now wrapping up some details in my own sweet little boys room.  The period of time it has taken me to pull up his room together is a bit absurd believing he is now 10 months old!  It truly holds true on the entire’second child thing’.  I’ve just been so far more laid back with this kiddo and I knew I’d get for it. . .eventually;–RRB-  Well, it is nearly finished, so I’ll be blogging about his space shortly.

I expect you are getting a great start to this week!



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