4 ways shutters can add value to your home

Whether you are thinking about selling or not, as a homeowner, you are probably thinking about the different ways you can add value to your property. Adding bespoke shutters to your home will ramp up the interior décor, as well as add precious pennies to the property’s price tag and here are a few reasons why:


We all want to feel safe in our home and installing shutters can deter any unwanted guests in a manner of ways. The shutters stop passers-by from being able to look into the house so it would be hard to tell if anyone was home or not. They also act as another (tough) layer to break through if they were going to enter through the windows.


Shutters can be a great way to keep the heat inside your house during the cooler months as they are thicker than curtains or blinds and add another layer of insulation.

In the summer, shutters can also keep your home cool, making them a perfect addition to your home all year round.

As well as heat insulation, they can also reduce outside noise. All shutters are effective at reducing noise, but the Ashwood shutters range is particularly sound-absorbent due to being made from solid wood.

Environmentally friendly

Due to the shutter’s insulating properties, they can be extremely effective in reducing the carbon emissions that your house releases. The insulating properties mean internal temperature is more easily retained, reducing energy bills for central heating or air conditioning.

This also means it can cost less for prospective buyers to heat or cool the house. A win-win for both the environment and the homeowners!

They are unique

Bespoke shutters are a unique piece of home décor. With shutters, you can set the mood in the house to make it exactly how you want it. The shutters can be custom-fit to improve the style and appearance of the property and really set the house apart from the rest.

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