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Fifty Shades of White In a Beautiful Swedish Home

If everyone else goes , proceed left (therefore the inspirational quote goes). And as interior tendencies that are current tempt us to add colour to our houses – there is one woman who has stuck fast for her passion. You might recall Malin Nilsson’s lovely home in Råå, on the South West of Sweden from a Christmas post back in 2016. And I was excited to see in her aptly named instagram feed VittVittVitt (‘white white white), her home still pays homage for her favorite shade. It’s a love for feel and a look which needs attention to detail – and also Malin has it in spades, so you only have to appear! The woodwork (doors, skirting boards ) was painted in 0502 (also Flügger) to breath life and thickness to the general appearance.

Texture in the form of shag-pile, metallics (how amazing are these chairs?!) , rattan and velvet assist to heighten the effects of the area in a way that is lively yet cosy.

Classic chairs out of Johansson Design style Vinga, Gubi semi ring *

The flowers add instant color to the room and also have been arrange at a fairly relaxed,’crazy’ manner which brings softness into the room.   
So, what do you think? Does your colour-dabbed paint brush stops in its tracks?  
It surely makes me realise even white will always be’right’, even if I might just add a little more colour to my own home here and there this season. 
For your color fiends out there: this archive
Have a beautiful day!
PS I’ve got the worst cold now so if I have made any errors / I’ve used words that are off a bit it is because everybody is somewhat hazy now! Any remedies out there?! 
Photography: Malin Nilsson shared with kind permission
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