Choosing the right colour shutters for your home

Unless you’re one of those lucky people with firm ideas, making interior decor choices can be tricky. How do you maximise the appearance of your home and ensure that you avoid clashes?

Given how complicated it can seem, many of us opt for the least offensive, most neutral option. While this can be a sensible approach, it does mean you’re rejecting lots of other possibilities that could really give your home the added ‘wow factor’.

Blend in or make a statement

Do you want your shutters to blend in with the rest of the decor, or stand out and be a feature in their own right? If it’s the former then opt for a neutral colour, if it’s the latter you can afford to be a little bolder. Just ensure that whatever you choose isn’t going to clash too much with the rest of your furnishings.

Cool, crisp and contemporary

There’s nothing boring about white shutters. White opens up a space and gives a room a clean, fresh look. It also serves as the perfect backdrop for however else you choose to dress your room. Off-whites are a traditional choice, making for a softer overall effect. When you’re choosing your shutters, also consider how it will look with the frame and sills.

Bright, bold colours

Feature walls are a popular way to add interest and contrast. This is usually achieved through a choice of wallpaper or paint effect. Big bold blocks of colour are increasingly used to inject life and vitality into a room.

Colourful shutters can be used as an alternative to a feature wall. If the rest of the room is relatively neutral, a splash of bold colour at the windows can be enlivening.

Dark tones

Dark tones have been making a comeback over the last few years. Crimsons, blacks and greys have been increasingly used in interior design. The idea is to help create a cosy, warm and relaxing space removed from the pressures of the outside world. Dark shutters can complement this style, making a striking and stylish statement.

A wealth of colours to choose from

Whatever your personal style, you’re sure to find shutters in a colour that adds a little extra to your room.


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