Creative ideas for window shutters

At Shutter World, we provide an increasing number of windows with shutters across the UK, but we know that a lot of our clients don’t leave them as we supply them. Some of the home décor tricks that have been applied to our window shutters have surprised even us!

Painting – but with a twist

Although our windows shutters can come in natural wood finishes or a wide choice of colours, many of our customers paint them themselves.

It’s a great idea for a child’s room. Panels can be painted different bright colours when a child is very young, then switched to their favourite colours as they grow older. Then as their tastes change they can be repainted once more, probably ending up in one colour before they finally leave the nest.

One great example was a child who couldn’t decide whether her favourite colour was pink or purple. So the parents painted alternate slats in each colour and the frame white. Of course, she changed her mind within a year!

Downstairs too

In the rest of the house, shutters can easily be painted to match your interior design changes. You’re effectively making your own designer shutters as you are the one in charge.

Most window shutters are easy to remove and replace so the painting can be done in a garage, shed, or even outside, making it even easier.

Applying patterns

Graphic patterns or pictures (also known as decals) of all sorts are available in sticker form that can be applied to shutters as well, although it’s a bit more finicky than with walls, which is what they’re intended for.

Make sure the shutters are closed and follow the manufacturers’ instructions to apply the design. Then carefully cut in between the slats with a sharp craft knife and fold the cut edges around the slats above and below the cut.

Imagine a huge flower spreading across your window shutters that changes shape as you open and close them – you could do almost anything!

Find your windows shutters

If this has inspired you to try something different, have a look at the gallery to pick the shutters that could act as your blank canvas, then get an instant quote to see how cost-effective they are.

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