Enter spring with a new set of window shutters

At the time of writing, the last tendrils of winter’s chilly weather have just receded, the trees have started to blossom and the flowers have begun to bloom. Spring is finally here. Here at Shutter World, we believe the beginning of spring is the ideal time to invest in window shutters. But why exactly is this the perfect time of year to buy new shutters? There are several practical advantages associated with buying shutters at the start of spring, and we’ll discuss them in today’s blog.

1. Spring cleaning and redecoration provide a perfect opportunity

Most people choose to clean out or redecorate their homes during spring. This makes sense, as the weather in this season is neither too hot nor too cold, meaning that ordinary home-owners can work on cleaning up or redecorating without too much discomfort. If you plan on spring cleaning or redecorating your home this spring, why not take the opportunity to invest in new shutters now? You can get rid of the old ones and ensure the new ones are stylistically integrated into your new home during the spring cleaning and redecorating period. It’s a great opportunity to ensure that your new shutters are installed tidily and match the rest of your home décor.

2. Shutters help fight allergens

There are usually a lot of allergens in the air during spring, due to the high pollen count and the burst of natural activity that always accompanies the season. However, shutters can help keep allergens out of your home. Because of their solid structure, they seal out allergens when they are closed. If you suffer from allergies, it makes sense to invest in shutters at the start of spring, as they will help you cope throughout the rest of the season.

3. Shutters can help you deal with spring’s fluctuating weather

The weather is usually warm and clement on most days in spring. However, the season also has cold snaps and days of extreme heat. Shutters can be opened or closed to different degrees to help regulate your home’s temperature. It therefore makes sense to invest in them at the beginning of spring, so you’re prepared for any weather fluctuations that might occur.

Now is the perfect time of year to invest in window shutters, so contact us today to find out more.


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