Fern Star in Yellow in a Reader’s Living Room!

This weekend, I received an email from a Friend, Nichole, who had purchased yards & yards of the Fern Star in yellow:

I originally drew Fern Star in Pen, a Seem inspired by antique botanicals:

Nichole was Composing to share a photo of her beautifully decorated living room with me -with Fern Star- and I was so thrilled to Watch it!!

I inquired if I could discuss it Pure Style Home & she wholeheartedly agreed.   I adore how Nichole dressed up the curtains and caused a different shot of blue with the banding:

work space solutions by Bill and Mario with MBP Interior Design Work Room Services at Dallas
I also love how Nichole’s design comes across clearly in her living area, which she kissed herself.   It seems really cheerful& fairly & lately traditional.   I was happy to see how the routine that is versatile is.   Nichole’s mixture of components such as the modern parsons table with traditional ginger jar lamp gives the space a vibe.   It’s fascinating and has a power around it…  it seems like it was assembled over time
Here is Fern Star within my friend, Helen Norman’s guest barn.   Yes Please!!! :-RRB-


That’s Grizzly in the mattress :

We have also used Fern Star on curtains in our clients’ home, however they were very different from Nichole’s more tailored curtains,

We paired them with matchstick shades for a relaxed appearance:

Now that I’ve seen Nichole’s banded Fern Star, I’m itching to try it outside!! :-RRB-:-RRB-
Thank you so much to Nichole for sharing and also for using our cloths in her home!!! It’s so fascinating to me that something which started out so little is currently part of others people’s lifestyles!! :-RRB-
And lastly, I am MOVING THE BLOG very shortly!!! I’ll be posting instructions on how to upgrade your RSS Feed and email subscriptions.
I made the switch because I needed to condense All my websites into one cohesive site.   The new website incorporates fabric shop, my website, and the website all.   We worked with super-talented Emily Thompson of Indie Shopography who made this:

See you there shortly!!



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