Friday Inspiration: One Butler’s Pantry Please & Thank You!

Friday is here and we’re dreaming about a butler’s pantry. Should you scroll through the entire article you will see why. This week we started to delight in the spring, then we got hit with a few snow at our principal HQ (Utah). If we were hanging out from our Costa Mesa Storefront right now!!

Design by Chandos Interiors
Design by Chandos Interiors

Design by Jaimee Rose Interiors

Design by Kate Marker Interiors

Friday Inspiration

Layout by Kate Marker Interiors

Design by Kvanum
Style by Jaimee Rose Interiors
We shot for our spring catalogue fortunately, right before the snow hit. Have you been signed up to get it? Unfortunately we can simply send it to US Residents in the moment, and whether the form isn’t working it is likely because you already signed up! No need to twice! If you are taking it easy this weekend, sit back and appreciate 5 Kitchen Transformations of all shapes and sizes, Spring-inspired customer photos, and see how we’re utilizing trays lately.

Design by Katie Martinez Design



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