How bespoke shutters can offer you control over your home

When it comes to windows, a lot of people don’t consider the effects that they can have on the look, feel and temperature of your home. Windows are so much more than just a light source and a way to look out into the world – they can affect the temperature of a room, the look of a room and the noise level inside a room. By installing window shutters you can regain control over your home.

Light Control

Unlike curtains, shutters can offer you significantly more control over the amount of light that your windows let into a room. You can only open curtains in one way – by pulling them apart. This doesn’t allow you a great deal of control over the light, because all it does is change how thick a light strip comes in. With interior shutters, you can control the light far more effectively. If you live in a city with a lot of light pollution, or you work nights so need to sleep in the day, these blackout shutters are perfect for you.

Temperature Control

On hot days, windows allow a huge amount of warmth into a house. This can be a great thing, but it’s easy for a house to become too uncomfortable. With window shutters you can block out the light and heat completely, making the house a far more comfortable temperature. The amount of opening in the shutter can be adjusted precisely for the right amount of heat to be allowed in. This can be done electronically with remote control shutters, which add a touch of technology and ease to a home.

Exterior Noise Control

An excellent benefit of shutters many people are unaware of is the blocking of exterior noise. If you live by a busy road, a train track, building site etc you can block out the noise by closing your shutters. A fully-closed shutter is a very effective sound barrier because it’s essentially another wall between you and the outside world, making your house calmer, quieter and more tranquil. Install window shutters and enjoy a level of control over your property that you may never have considered before. Control the light, temperature and noise of your house with ease.


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