How shutters can be made to fit into unusually-shaped windows

You are probably already aware of how stylish shutters can look when they are installed over ordinary windows. However, you may believe that they can’t be installed over more unconventional windows (such as arched windows or slanted windows) due to the fact that shutter frames may not fit into these windows comfortably. In reality, however, there’s no need to worry. We at Shutter World offer a wide range of bespoke shutters that can be fitted to windows of any size and shape. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some unconventional window types and how shutters can be fitted over them.

1. Arched windows

It’s surprisingly easy to create an arched frame for shutters that need to be fitted over arched windows. In fact, there are actually two ways to fit shutters into an arched space. Columns of slats can be arranged in an arched frame so that they reach all the way into the arch. Alternatively, the window can be divided into two parts. A standard square or rectangular frame filled with slats can be used for the lower part of the space, while a separate piece (featuring either decoration or more slats) can be fitted into the upper arch.

2. Curved bay windows

It might seem impossible to fit shutters over bay windows that protrude from a house in a curved shape. However, it’s much easier than you might think. Obviously, it’s not possible to make a shutter’s frame or slats conform to the curve of a bay window. However, several separate flat frames can be fitted together so that they form an overall curve that matches that of the bay windows. Each shutter frame is fitted over a different section of the window.

3. Slanted or angled windows

Some windows feature one or more steeply-angled sides that create a triangular shape. Fitting shutters to these shapes is very easy. Creating frames that have steep, angled sides is completely straightforward. In order to fit into the available space, the slats in these frames simply get narrower where the angled side approaches another side.

If you’re worried that you can’t install window shutters over your windows due to their unusual shape, contact us today. We can create bespoke shutters that will fit into any window perfectly.


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