How shutters provide a classic look with a modern edge

There comes a time when we all look at our home décor and decide we’re ready for a change. The addition of window shutters allows for an instant, high impact look – delivering a classic aesthetic with a modern edge.

Classic in appearance

In terms of window dressings, few options come close to interior shutters when a classic look is needed, because shutter designs have changed a great deal over five centuries. Today, shutters deliver all the functionality needed for window areas – regulating the flow of air and light – while providing a crisp, clean, and more refined appearance to any space.

Eliminating the fussiness of curtains, or the cumbersome nature of blinds, window shutters are a dream come true for interior design. While their installation improves the appearance of the window area itself, the fact that the shutter unit is entirely contained within the window space means that a broader range of options is available with regard to the placement of other items in the room – from furniture to displayed possessions. Preferred colour schemes can also be accommodated, with a broad range of shutter styles available, including the popular plantation shutters, and even controllable blackout inserts.

A modern edge

Though shutters have been used for centuries, continued innovation in design means that today’s product range delivers modern materials and functions. In addition to durability, consideration is given to the sustainability of materials and scalability of use. Gone are the days of inflexible form and construction. Now, consumers can find bespoke shutters to fit any size or shape of window – from bay windows to bi-fold track shutters, from patio doors to conservatories, and rounded to curved apertures.

State-of-the-art convenience

The modern capabilities of window shutters go even further with the Power Motion option available from Shutter World. This brings state-of-the-art convenience to your shutter experience, all at the touch of a manual button, or from a remote control. Shutter automation allows for precision control of light and airflow, as well as privacy, and is perfectly suited for hard to reach interior shutters.

When it comes to updating your home décor, window shutters are a versatile solution.


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