How to choose window shutters that are right for you

When it comes to window shutters, customers can often be surprised by the different styles and variations to choose from on the market. Like most things in life, the options can seem endless! Whether you’re undecided on a couple of styles or a total newbie, we’ve broken them all down to take all the hard work off your shoulders and make your decision that bit easier.

Solid shutters

Popular with our European counterparts, you will have almost definitely spotted full length, solid panel shutters in destinations like France, Spain and Italy. If you’re after a more traditional aesthetic, a solid shutter can look fantastic in almost any space both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the colour and details you choose, a solid shutter can be tailored to an array of tastes e.g. a natural wood effect would look brilliant if your style is more rustic whereas a navy shutter with moulded detail could be the perfect addition to a classic home. It also goes without saying that you cannot go wrong with a simple, white shutter! The great thing about solid shutters is that they have the versatility to fit almost any window without the need to fiddle with custom measurements; if you’re seeking a no-fuss option, these could be for you.

Cafe shutters

If you’re trying to source shutters on a budget, café style shutters could be an ideal, cost-effective solution. Hung on only the bottom half of your windows, café style shutters are great for offering privacy from passers-by peering in whilst still allowing maximum natural light into a room; they can also prove to be a good option if you want a subtler addition to your windows instead of a full set of shutters. Whilst they can look beautifully chic in light, bright colours, café style shutters aren’t the ones for you if wanting to black out your room is on your checklist. If this isn’t an issue, they can be fantastic for transitioning into having window shutters in your home at a lower price point and will always add value to a room if utilised properly.

Tier-on-tier shutters

Also known as double-hung shutters, the tier-on-tier style is probably the most versatile option on the shutter market. With two sets of shutters working independently on top of one another, tier-on-tier shutters are brilliantly flexible, giving you the advantage of mixing and matching how much natural light you’d like to come into a space. You could have both sections open, shut or pick and choose between having the top or bottom open and closed. Unlike café style shutters, tier-on-tier can look a lot more cohesive on a window with a sense of fluidity, but it should be considered that they can look finicky on certain windows – it all comes down to personal taste.

Like the majority of things in life, the shutters you choose will more than likely boil down to your individual style and preference, but we hope that this little guide helps you to decide on the best shutters for you and your household.


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