Favorite Design Feature In Our Kitchen

Every time we’ve got friends over to the beach house we inevitably end up hanging from the kitchen. We designed it to be an space so it s no real surprise that it has come to be the gathering point in the house. Since our renovation is only a bit over a year older, conversation frequently ends up on the topic of layout and the reason we chose the materials, colours, finishes etc., that we did. Without doubt, we get requested “What’s design characteristic in this? ” and we both reply: “The Cambria granite countertop”. We were fortunate to partner with Cambria for our counter and it was be the foundation (no pun intended!) Of the distance that pulled at the two-tone kitchen together. Keep reading to discover why I chose them…Cambria quartz countertopWhen I designed the shore house kitchen I knew I always wanted to have our island peninsular be another color to the cabinetry combined the kitchen walls. I needed to make sure that there was a synergy throughout them while the Decoy and Cosmos colours are complimentary to one another. The answer came in the form of Cambria’s beautiful Torquay Matte counter tops. I chose since it’s a effect using a pattern and grain into it, this end. I didn’t need a countertop which was too thick or had a high effect pattern because I believed it would complete with, rather than compliment, the color narrative from the space. The Ridgeline border profile that is easy functions flawlessly for the heritage meets modern design strategy I took to your beach house kitchen. When you’ve got a more traditional or perhaps a super modern area, there’s plenty of border profiles to select from to make your countertop suit your own aesthetic. Cambria quartz countertopTwo of the primary things I would consider when contemplating a countertop selection for your own kitchen would be: first, carefully think of the kind of surface end will work in the space, and secondly, what grain/pattern do you want? Most countertops arrive with a high sheen which gives. I was delighted since I didn ’ t wish to go to get a countertop for our beach house kitchen that a option was offered by Cambria. I think that the finish creates a experience from the area and provides a look. Cambria are among the few producers that provide finishes while offering exactly the warranty as they perform to get a finish, so they are great choice to take into account. Cambria quartz countertopEventually, even consider closely the grain from the countertop. Even the Torquay Matte gets an ideal grain and vibrant marble-like blueprint to unify the colors in our kitchen. However, if you’ve got a one-color kitchen (vs. two-tone like ours) or else you are seeking to make a design statement using the counter tops, then I would consider a high layout, like Summerhill, which will become a focus in the area.



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