Setting the mood with shutters

One of the great things about wooden shutters is that you can adjust the slats to easily alter the light level and temperature in a room. But did you know that they can also help change the mood of a room in an instant?

If you’re looking for ways to make more of your rooms, then we’ve got some top tips to set the right atmosphere for any activity.

1. Generating an energetic mood

When a room is filled with light, it feels energetic and inspiring. Being in a well-lit room can make you feel more awake, engaged and enthusiastic. Creating this high-energy atmosphere using shutters is easy, even in one of the darker rooms in the house. All you have to do is open the slats completely and allow natural light to stream in – ideal if you work from home and often need help getting motivated in a morning!

2. Creating a romantic atmosphere

Do you want to set the stage for a romantic afternoon or evening with your significant other? If so, your window shutters can help. Softly-lit rooms often feel very romantic. Ideally, the room should be dark enough to feel mysterious and sensual, but well-lit enough that you and your partner can see each other and move about with ease. To achieve this level of light using your shutters, close the slats almost completely. Leave them open a crack to allow the late afternoon/early evening light to slip into the room, but don’t leave them so wide open that the room becomes fully-lit. You can also position fairy lights around them to create a truly magical setting.

3. Cultivating a relaxed vibe

To create a relaxed atmosphere using shutters, position the slats at roughly 45-degrees. This will cause the light to stream in at a steep angle and take on the quality of lazy afternoon light. Warm afternoon light makes us feel more relaxed than any other type of light, and it’s easy to recreate it by angling your shutters’ slats correctly. The room should still be well-illuminated, but lack the intense brightness that generates a high-energy atmosphere. Why not complement the mood with incense and a good book?

Here at Shutter World, we believe that shutters can be used to set any mood you like. Why not check out our gallery of shutters today and see for yourself? Or contact us for a free quote


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