Shutters for all seasons

time for daydreaming, when life feels drab and unexciting and everything seems dull and grey; our favourite subject for daydreaming in this cruellest of months is escaping it all, getting away to happier and warmer climes. And while installing new window shutters may not seem to be the immediate answer to that, they may be just what you are looking for to inject a note of sunshine into the winter months.

Continental style

Domestic shutters ooze an air of continental sophistication, of bijou apartment blocks on Parisian boulevards, Spanish villas or charming residences on the sun-soaked Cote d’Azur. And while they may not quite transport you to the locations you’ve been dreaming of, they will go an awfully long way to making the most of your property, and giving it the light and airy feel of space to let you daydream in elegant surroundings.

Summer promise

January may also seem an unlikely time of the year to be undertaking summer themed home improvements, but any work undertaken in this grey spell will pay dividends when the summer does come. Not only will you be able to make the most of the glorious sunshine as it filters through your shuttered windows, you’ll be able to control the temperature and feel of your rooms by opening and shutting them as you wish.

Winter dreaming

As well as the summer benefits to look forward to, you will also be pleasantly surprised at the difference a well designed set of shutters can make to your home in winter months too. Curtains, particularly if they are a dark colour or fashioned from a heavy style of fabric, will soak up the light as it enters your rooms, and they immediately reduce the size of your windows, limiting how much light does get through. Installing shutters will automatically let the daylight come flooding through, unhindered by curtains or drapes, which will make a difference even on the greyest of days and a burst of winter sunshine will transform your room – basking in a patch of winter sunlight is one of life’s

true pleasures.


Black plantation shutters


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