Many new houses are built with space for conservatories, allowing you to make the most of our changeable weather, and many come with a conservatory as standard. There are a number of different types of conservatories, but they fall into mainly four categories that can be fitted with conservatory shutters. These are the Victorian, the Lean to, the Gull Wing and the Edwardian designs.

If you have space for a larger conservatory, then the Victorian P shape or Edwardian square or rectangular shape, is popular and suits houses of an older period. Plantation style conservatory shutters can be fitted to match the different shapes of the sheet glass panels in the doors and windows making up the perimeter of the conservatory.

An Edwardian conservatory usually has French doors and a pointed roof, whilst the Victorian P shape features more glazing which means that ceiling shutters should be considered. However, the different shapes and size of glazing involved in a pointed roof and P shaped conservatory means ordering shutters that may need to be made to measure.

The Lean to conservatory is probably the most popular shape, with its simple design and roof that can be either flat or slanted against the wall suiting all types of conservatory shutters. The Lean to can have single, patio or French windows which are also suitable for having shuttering fitted. Depending on the height of the conservatory, then electric shutters fitted to the roof that can be remotely activated to open and close will be an advantage.

For those who want to use their conservatory for multi functional purposes, then the Gull Wing with its interesting shape is better suited to a medium sized garden. Conservatory shutters fitted to its perimeter and pitched roof will complement and add value and style to any property.