Skylight / Velux shutters

If you’re lucky enough to have skylights in your home, you will already know they are a stunning practical and aesthetic feature, helping to flood a home with natural light. However, there could be a number of reasons why you need to control the amount of daylight entering a room.

Standard curtains won’t always cut it, especially for skylights in loft conversions or extensions. But the good news is that the best skylight shutters can look elegant as well as serving a real practical purpose.

Shutters can be made to suit your home’s decor, whatever your style, and be the perfect fit for the window opening. Equally, there’s more choice on today’s market now than there’s ever been before.

Skylight shutters from Shutter World

Our signature shutters from us here at Shutter World include a range of options including models which are ideal for Velux and Fakro-style windows and fit right into the frame and glass. (They also unclip very easily when you want to clean them, offering maximum convenience.)


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