Are waterproof shutters right for your home?

Here at Shutter World, we pride ourselves on providing a range of different shutters for different needs, environs and conditions. Waterproof shutters are one of our most popular options, as they can cope with significant levels of moisture or humidity. But are waterproof shutters the best option for you?

You may feel torn between traditional wooden or MDF shutters and waterproof shutters. Both types have their particular advantages. That’s why we’ve come up with three simple questions that will help you choose if you’re debating over traditional shutters or waterproof ones.

1. How much moisture will your shutters be exposed to?

Many environments possess a degree of moisture or humidity. However, you have to judge the level of moisture carefully. Ordinary shutters can survive small quantities of moisture, but wetter conditions, such as wetrooms, bathrooms and shower rooms, may require waterproof shutters. We can help you decide whether the area where you intend to install shutters is dry enough for standard shutters or wet enough for waterproof ones, but start by routinely monitoring how much water gathers on your windows and sills. Remember, if you want to install shutters in a place where they will be exposed to the outside air, the amount of moisture they come into contact with will change with the seasons.

2. Is the longevity of your shutters important to you?

Waterproof shutters tend to survive longer, even in environments that are only slightly damp. All shutters last for a long time, but waterproof shutters last even longer. If you intend to keep the same set of shutters for years (or even decades), you may wish to invest in waterproof shutters instead of ordinary ones. On the other hand, if you like to change your shutters every year or two, you may prefer to purchase a traditional, non-waterproofed set.

3. Does traditional style appeal to you?

If you have your heart set on shutters with a traditional, sophisticated appearance, you may wish to opt for a wooden, non-waterproofed option. Waterproofed shutters generally look a little more modern. If you’re comfortable with a more contemporary aesthetic, you might like to invest in them instead.

Regardless of whether you decide you want ordinary window shutters or waterproof ones, we will be happy to provide them. Take a look round our gallery or contact us today for more information.

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