Warehouse in Australia Transformed into Minimalist Design Studio

The article Warehouse from Australia Transformed to Minimalist Design Studio appeared on Freshome.com.
“The construct has been a mutual effort between Studio 103 and McCormack Property Services to set a foothold in the pinnacle of style and structure. Together, we have repurposed a tired warehouse and altered it into a slick, sophisticated workspace with the goal of collaboration and business growth.,” the design team added. Information provided by Studio 103; photos from Jack Lovel

“We set out to create a unique, functional space which retains its original charm, using the existing architectural characteristics ” the architects, as a foundation mentioned. The project aims to strengthen the relationship between Studio 103 along with also their building spouses, McCormack Property Services, who reside in the neighboring building. The interiors boasts minimalist structures and industrial layouts . Industrial shelving and the exposed wood trusses also add to this space’s character. Black-framed windows, the flooring and the first brick wall produce a contrast. The studio accommodates a collection of working offices. They re split by a spacious kitchen, a glass assembly room and lots of greenery. The plan studio contains a fitness center!

Studio 103 completed the transformation of the old warehouse into a collaborative design studio. The construction, located in Abbotsford, Australia comprises a history. It functioned as a place.



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