We’re on the move

Also stepping up its match are our networking stations. From next week across the various unique channels of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter that you ’ll find competitions (with giveaway design class tickets which are a little like golden dust since they sell out pretty damn fast ), challenges, and one day earnings and flash earnings, exclusive to those person feeds. We have some talented people aboard, so we can begin taking over the entire world and the staff expanded at AA staff that was big.  I m excited!

See you around the other side tomorrow.
We’ve gone through a bit of a plyometric workout, yesterday since I said I felt that the website (design wise) had to step up its game and also be more in line with my  true website so cannot wait for all of that to happen.

It s tomorrow’s launch day! According to the team we should be moved seamlessly across without knowing it to the new site website. That I ’ ll be back in the morn using a link to the new speech, just in case there’s the odd hiccup.

Here are a couple of my instagram shots of the mat last night. That can be Maud’s chair, nobody repeat nobody could sit on it let alone be going close to it.


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