Which shutter colour is right for your home?

Our custom colour option allows us to provide you with shutters in just about any hue. While this is ideally suited to those who have an exact idea of their colour scheme and interior design dreams, it can leave others feeling spoilt for choice and just a little bit lost. We hope our quick guide to selecting the right colour for your shutters will help you decide.

Contemplating colours

Blinds in neutral colours can blend into any room, effectively adding to a classy feel without drawing any attention to themselves. At the opposite end of the scale, you may prefer to add a pop of intense colour to your room, for example by choosing a bright yellow or pink colour for your plantation shutters. Brightly coloured shutters can be an excellent way to make a statement, particularly if the room you are refurbishing is primarily decorated in neutral colours. Matching your blinds to a sparsely used bright hue from your colour scheme can be a great way of really bringing a room together. Using our custom colour match service allows you to get the precise hue and shade you want, ensuring that your shutters fit with your dream colour scheme.

Selecting shades

As with most elements of interior design, darker shades tend to make spaces feel smaller and cosier, while lighter shades can add a sense of roominess. Essentially, if you want to make a small room feel lighter and larger, selecting blinds in plain white or pastel colours is recommended, while choosing darker shades of colours such as purple or blue can make a space feel more intimate.

Considering your home’s exterior

While you may primarily be focused on matching the colour of your interior shutters to your indoor colour scheme, remember that your blinds can, to some extent, be seen from outside. If your house is painted white, white blinds are likely to seem a little boring, while brightly coloured shutters may seem a little too bold for most tastes. Select a pale colour, such as powder blue, in order to add a flash of colour to your home without allowing your shutters to steal the show.


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