Why summer is the perfect time to revisit your home décor

As summer rapidly approaches, so too does the perfect time for you to take a look at your home décor and see what needs a touch-up or drastic reinvention. Here are just a few of the top reasons why there’s no better time to do so than the hotter months of the year.

A fresh lick of paint

Whether it’s the interior or exterior of your home, far too often your walls go neglected, and the paint starts to fade, crack, or peel. Luckily, summer means that paint dries faster, meaning you no longer have to wait hours between coats. Turn a three-day job into a one-day one by taking advantage of the heat!

Revitalise your window shutters

One downside to the heat of the summer is that it can get unbearably hot very quickly. You’ll need your windows to open and close as well as they can. Window shutters are a great method of controlling how much air you let in and out of your home, so summer might be the time to modernise and invest in some quality designer shutters.

Research interior design trends

The last thing you want while you’re enjoying a summery day outside is to come back home and immediately be depressed at the sight of a drab, boring, or dark décor inside your home. Summer is a great time to research the trendiest colours, patterns, and furniture to make your rooms pop – the fun shouldn’t stop when you come indoors!

Install a patio or conservatory

Granted, this isn’t an option for everyone. But if you can afford it and have ample space to do so, installing a patio or conservatory could seriously transform your summer. Patios are great for hosting parties, taking the hot days into cooler evenings, and for days just spent lounging around. Just be sure to ensure circulation of cold air so it doesn’t get too hot!

For all of your bespoke shutter and home needs, look no further than Shutter World. We offer durable, affordable shutters, bays, and patios to give your home that luxury feel. Whether you’re inspired by Victorian decor or want to take your home into the twenty-first century, choose Shutter World.


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