3 benefits of shutters you might not have thought about

When it comes to window decor, it’s often easy to just pick something that matches the rest of the room and be done with it. However, choosing the right window accessory requires a little more thought than you think. For instance, there are some advantages that curtains hold over window shutters – and vice versa.

In this blog post, we run you through some of the main benefits of window shutters that you might not have thought about, including why they’re the better choice for the modern home as opposed to choosing curtains or blinds.

Easier light control and privacy

Window shutters offer more control when it comes to deciding how much light to let in. This is because you can adjust additional aspects such as the angle of the shutters, which way they face, and how far they open – with other window adornments like curtains, you can only decide how much to open them, and this may prove awkward at certain times of the day when the sun is rising or setting.

You can also decide when you want security or visibility in your home to varying levels. If you want to spy on something going on in the street outside, you can single angle the blinds without opening them, allowing you to see out but nobody to see in.

A more modern touch

As more and more homes are choosing to modernise and prefer home decor that is sleek and minimal, it’s time for your window decor to do the same. Interior shutters are thin, professional, and lightweight, looking on-trend no matter the room. This is in comparison to blinds, which often look clunky to use and rest crooked on the windowsill.

Always properly sized

While it’s true many people prefer curtains due to their ornate or vintage appearance, it’s also harder for them to be properly sized up against the window. All too often, curtains will draw either just a little too short or else hang off the edge of the rail. However, window shutters don’t pose this problem – especially when they’re bespoke and designed specifically for your home.

Shutterworld can offer you bespoke shutters to brighten up your home. To learn more, simply browse our range of products online or get in touch for something a little more personal to you.


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