3 factors to consider when choosing interior shutters

Interior shutters have a range of benefits for your home. They immediately enhance the appearance of a room, control temperature and privacy, increase security and can match any decor. However, before you make your purchasing decision, here are three factors you might like to consider.

Quality materials

To some extent, the room where you intend to install your shutters will affect the decisions you make about the materials they are made from. If you’re considering shutters for a bathroom or kitchen, where the atmosphere is likely to be humid, then you may prefer the Java range of waterproof shutters, coated with an extremely hard wearing co polymer coating. For longevity, the Sumatra shutters, manufactured from beautiful white teak, are proven to resist warping.

Consider your budget

If you’re renovating or redecorating on a budget and want style at an affordable price, then MDF is the savvy option. However, with the Antigua and Antigua Plus ranges, you won’t be sacrificing quality as these responsibly sourced MDF shutters are coated with a long lasting polypropylene sleeve that makes them resistant to chipping and cracking, warping and fading. You’ll still enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful window treatment, without blowing the budget.

What are the options?

When buying interior shutters, you need to know that they’re available not only in the materials you require at a price that’s right for you, but that you can choose from a wide range of design options that meet your needs for security, privacy and safety. Interior shutters should be well built and fit perfectly, which means you’ll need to consider whether your supplier offers a range of frame types, catches and bolts and handles that suit your requirements. For example, you may need blackout shutters that allow you complete control over light levels, or have options for whether the tracks run on the top or bottom of your shutters and how many panels can be bolted in place for increased security.

At Shutter World, we understand that fitting interior shutters is a real investment and we offer a wide range of styles, materials and options to help you get them just right for your home. For more information, contact us today for a free quotation.


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