Bring new life to your home with painted shutters

Breathing new life into your home, and making everything feel brand-new again is the ultimate goal of any interiors fan. Whether you’re renovating a new space or reworking somewhere you’ve lived for years, bringing in that ‘like new’ feeling can make your space feel exciting and fresh again. But before you invest in expensive furniture replacements, or reach for the paint, there’s one simple yet effective way to brighten any space instantly: beautiful, vibrant shutters.

Want some inspiration on how to use shutters to enhance your living space? While we love plain and simple styles, there’s something that little bit special about painted shutters that add an additional touch to your interior décor. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Light and bright

White or light-painted wooden shutters are the best way to add a sense of space to even the smallest rooms. Unlike curtains or blinds, shutters don’t ‘box in’ a room. Instead, they can create that extra dimension to make the room appear larger while allowing plenty of light in. White-painted shutters are incredibly popular for a good reason. They’re minimalist, add to a room without commanding attention and look good in any setting.

Vibrant focal-point shutters

If you’re a fan of Mediterranean style, then you likely already have a deep love for those vibrant, sun-soaked houses dotted along the coast – complete with beautiful, vibrant shutters. If you genuinely want to make a statement and bring the sunshine inside, then opting for custom shutters in a bright shade might be exactly what you’re looking for. Azure blues, verdant greens and brilliant yellows – if you’re a fan of colour, shutters are a great way to inject that into your living space.

Dark definition

For a truly modern finish, opting for dark stained wood shutters or even black-painted shutters can produce incredible definition into your home. When set against light walls and external wall coverings, you can create a look that’s like nothing else. Darker shutters help to create that exceptional level of light control while offering a distinctive look that you’ll love.

Whether light and airy or bright and bold is your choice, finding shutters that perfectly fit your home is step one. At Shutter World, we make your spaces better with beautiful shutters that are perfectly built for purpose. View our range online today, or get in touch for a quote now.


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