Do you have bay windows? Consider shutters over curtains

Bay windows can be one of the most decorative external and internal features of any home, and enable light to stream into rooms. They’re generally only fitted to the front of properties, as they add tremendous kerb appeal. Although these beautiful window features allow so much light into the home, lack of privacy can be a major drawback for some people. Bay window shutters are the perfect solution to this, and provide lots more benefits for homeowners. Check out all the top reasons to opt for stylish bay window shutters below:

Benefits of bay window shutters

Fitting bay window shutters solves any problems you could experience when finding curtains to fit your windows. It’s often difficult to source curtain track to go round the bay, particularly if you want to fit heavy drapes. Opting to add curtains right across the bay cuts out available room space, and means you won’t benefit from any window displays on the sill when your curtains are closed.

Privacy issues can be concerning for people with bay windows, particularly when the windows overlook nearby streets. With bay window shutters in place, there’s nothing simpler than closing the shutters any time there’s a need for greater privacy. And, shutters can also help reduce external noise levels.

In addition fitting shutters to bay windows actually enhances the shape of the bay, as the shutters follow the window lines. And, finally bay window shutters look great from the outside, so they really add to the kerb appeal of any home, this can actually add value to your property over the longer timeframe.

Tailoring bay window shutters to your home

You can customise the shutters fitted to bay windows by opting for individual shutters for each area of the window or for a one piece shutter frame to fit the entire bay.

All shutters are fitted to the bay window, so you benefit from more space on the sill or in the bay areaof your home.

Bay window shutters can be fitted to square bay windows, arched bay windows, angled bay windows, and curved bay windows, and are ideal for contemporary homes or traditional properties.

Find out more about the best shutters for your home online at Shutter World today. You’ll be amazed by the wide variety of styles and looks that can be achieved with contemporary shutters for any interior.


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