How to create a chateau-style home

If you feel inspired by European chateau buildings, and want to include chateau-style features and design elements into your home, follow the below guide…


Include shutters

Often one of the key features of chateau-style buildings is shutters. Shutters are not only incredibly practical as they help keep your home secure and block light, but they are also incredibly aesthetic and have a romantic, European look. To truly capture European style, ensure your shutters are white or in a pale, pastel shade.


Embrace your patio

Chateau-style living is all about embracing the outdoors and welcoming the outdoors indoors. Re-vamp your patio area with dining furniture and patio shutters to utilize your patio and outdoor space in the best way possible. Dining furniture will ensure you can dine al-fresco when the weather is pleasant and the shutters will ensure your home is warm and safe when the weather is more inclement.


Use natural materials

To complete your chateau home décor, you should look to use natural materials where possible to add to the rustic, traditional European feel. For example, you may wish to style your home with a rug made from natural fibers, shutters made from hardwood and plants.


Encourage natural light

Place mirrors around your home to help bounce light around your building. Shutters can also help to control light in your home and help your home to appear lighter and brighter. Natural light has many benefits over artificial lighting, including mental health benefits, and is more environmentally friendly.


Add European touches

Look for French or European trinkets to complete your chateau interior design. For example, vintage framed French posters can help to add a Parisian feel to your home, or an antique world globe can help add a rustic European feel.

To learn more about creating a chateau-style home, and how high-quality bespoke shutters can help you to achieve this, contact Shutter World today. We can create custom shutter solutions that can help complete any interior design style you wish. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today.


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