Reduce outside noise with window shutters

If you live on or near the main road, passing traffic can be really irritating, especially when you are curled up on the sofa at night watching TV. Have you ever considered installing interior window shutters? Not only are they very stylish, but they are also very good at eliminating noise. Hanging curtains or blinds may soften a room’s interior, but they are not the best solution for stopping noises coming in from outside.

Make your home a tranquil haven

Window shutters have great soundproofing qualities. If they are of high quality, correctly installed and sealed to fit perfectly against the window, they are not only capable of naturally absorbing noise and controlling light, they will also look stunning!

Which shutters are best for reducing noise?

Most interior shutters will reduce noise to a degree, but if you choose an interior shutter that is made of solid wood you’ll get the best result. Stylish and handsome, the Ashwood Shutter Range is a perfect choice. Each interior shutter is made of premium quality ash wood and is lovingly stained by hand in a colour of your choosing. The result is a deep, rich patina in the grain of the wood, which is breathtakingly beautiful. If your windows are large, another style to consider would be the Basswood shutter range. These are crafted from hardwood and are lighter, yet equally as effective. All window shutters are custom built and come in a range of colours.

Now you can really sit back and relax

Once you’ve chosen your designer shutters, you really must think about Power Motion, because at the press of a button, and from the comfort of your sofa, you can be in complete control. You can raise or lower your window shutters, and tilt or close the louvres, so you don’t have to do anything but lift a finger.

So if you are looking for a window treatment that is not only fabulous to look at, but is also durable and practical in reducing outside noise, interior window shutters are your way forward.


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