Why plantation shutters are ideal for a hot summer

Window shutters are often associated with clean, cool, minimalist decor – and their link to plantation-style buildings is a good clue as to why they’re the perfect window covering for summer. With a long, hot few months predicted in the UK this year, here’s why plantation shutters are the ideal choice to tackle those sticky summer evenings that make it tricky to sleep.

Maintain cool, shaded rooms

Firstly, plantation shutters help keep rooms cool in the hot summer months – by creating shade during the daytime, they stop the bright sunshine heating the room. This means the overall temperature of the room stays lower throughout the day and, unlike curtains, you can adjust shutters using their tilt rod to allow more light into rooms you’re using, without having to entirely open the shutters themselves. This allows homeowners to maintain cool, shaded rooms – perfect after a few hours sunning yourself in the garden!

Those of you who remember science lessons at school might recall that lighter colours reflect light, whereas darker colours absorb it – so light-coloured shutters can have the dual effect of not only keeping light out but reflecting it away from windows. Scientifically proven and stylish – what more could you want?

Manage airflow

Another key benefit of plantation shutters is that you can maintain airflow thanks to their tilting slat mechanism. Perfect to stop rooms getting stuffy during the hotter months, they make a natural choice for bedrooms for this precise reason – allowing for a cooler, more comfortable sleep without compromising on having a source of fresh air.

No fading

If you’ve noticed your curtains fading with every passing summer, then you might already know why plantation shutters are a great alternative. Unlike fabrics, shutters won’t fade in the harsh UV rays of the sun. This makes them long-lasting and means they look chic for years, with none of the painstaking annual removal and washing or faded prints that you get with fabric curtains.

So, as you think about wheeling out the BBQ and hosing down the garden furniture, think about prepping your home for summer in another way, one which will cut down on uncomfortable nights’ sleep, look beautifully classic, and last for years!


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