Modern Home With A Hint Of Mondrian Flair

Primary colours and strong black lines, reminiscent of De Stijl/Mondrian style, shape this modern home interior. The bold scheme fills the living room of a 88.1 square metre apartment in Minsk, Belarus, visualised by Zrobym Architects. The master bedroom decor shows the same strong black linework, but in this space colour has been drained out to leave a monochrome aesthetic. The bathroom and shower room are visions of black and white too, but we see a return of some colour when we find the kids’ bedroom. In here, navy, yellow and a blush toned pink accentuate a predominantly white scheme for a fresh and playful look.


Blue, yellow and red tones colour the black and white backdrop in the modern living room, which gives it the De Stijl/Mondrian flavour. A monochrome rug stripes the floor beneath ultra modern accent chairs. A semi-circular upholstered window seat provides alternative seating.


The chair upholstery is of a tone toward the lighter end of the red spectrum, which is complemented by a pink tube light in the home entryway. The pink light transfers colour onto glossy white wall and floor tiles.


Black trunking holds electrical wiring in a cubist layout on the ceiling, tracing the journey to a cross shaped pendant. A bar light is suspended from the electric track, over the peninsula of an inconspicuous kitchen.


The square black legs of the modern coffee table match the ceiling design.


A round flush fitting ceiling light is installed beside the first pendant, creating an ‘x o’ formation; like noughts & crosses, or a text representation of a kiss & hug.


Minimalist choices shape the room. A simplistic media unit underlines a wall hung tv against a plain white wall. A basic black floor lamp with no shade provides task lighting by a chair.


The home entryway has a tall mirror by the door, which reflects the pink glow of the tube light, and plays with the illusion of space. Black wall hooks have been mounted to accept coats. A soft upholstered stool provides a comfy spot on which to sit and deal with shoes.


Three blue box stools sit at the kitchen peninsula behind the lounge area. White cabinets conceal the kitchen appliances. A yellow storage volume stands out at one side.


Curtains pull closed across a closet in the hallway, which has chests of drawers installed in the base to accompany the usual hanging rails.


Solid white closet doors with black bar handles occupy one side of the connecting hallway, whilst obscure glass doors and panels run the length of the opposite side.


One of those glass doors leads into the master bedroom. All of the colour has been drained from the modern decor in this space; black, white a grey provide crisp contrast.


The minimalist bedroom is set over a split level floor, with the higher floor utilised as a vanity area and ensuite bathroom. A bespoke bed bridges the two levels, with the base of the headboard cut short to accommodate the change in floor height.


The raised vanity area consists of a makeup table under the window, and an adjacent wash basin.


The ensuite bathroom runs directly off the vanity area, though a privacy curtain can be drawn across to create a more solid divide. Mirrored tiles cover the splash zone around the bathtub, and add a shiny decadent touch. The reflection in the tiles doubles up the effect of a modern chandelier.


A monochrome geometric floor runner adds bold panache to the vanity area.


A large vanity mirror equips the basin, and shines light from around its circular edge. Natural light and nature views come into the bedroom via a tall window. A balcony awaits beyond the glass, which runs on as the living room balcony too.


Moving on to the kids’ bedroom, we find a playful decor scheme. Kids’ beds are coloured with flashes of primary yellow inside white built-in bunks.


Double workspaces occupy the window area of the kids’ room, with bookshelves built into each side. The playful kids chair seen here is the Magis puppy.


More bookshelves are built into a recess by a glass door. This library area has been painted completely grey over the walls, shelves and ceiling to define it as a separate zone. On the other side of the grey zone there is a set of climbing bars that continue across the ceiling – so the kids can climb up, swing across and grab a book!


A blush colour sofa bed is teamed with a coral side table and a white wall sconce to make a small lounge area in the kids’ room.


The wardrobe is a copy of the hallway closet, with chests of drawers in the base and a curtain ‘door’.


A round rug softens the look and feel of a hard glossy white floor.


The shower room sees a return of thick black linework around the shower screen, and in black fittings.


Another cross shaped light fixture appears in the white bathroom.


The backsplash behind the basin is a frosted white design, which features a clear mirrored area with a diffused edge.


In the shower, a black linear toiletries holder conceals a towel hook underneath.


Home plan revealing the curved outline of the home and balcony areas.


Furnished floor plan.






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