Renovating a property? Here’s why you should choose shutters

Are you an interior designer, landlord, renovator or contractor? In which case, you’ll know the age-old problem of trying to think up ideas that add style, value and character to a project.

One truly unique interior design choice that can set apart any home or office is installing shutters. Shutters make a fantastic addition to any property, bringing both practicality and a sense of quality. Here are some of the reasons why they’re the perfect choice of window covering when you’re fitting out, decorating or renovating a new property.

1. Neutral aesthetic

Putting together a style that will be loved by someone else can be tricky, as you might not always know their specific tastes. Luckily, shutters are aesthetically neutral, unlike many other window coverings. They are undeniably stylish, but in simple, natural tones and materials, they don’t embody any specific aesthetic that a homeowner might object to. They can be integrated perfectly into any type of home to create instant sophistication. If you’re responsible for renovating a property on a professional basis, you won’t need to worry about disappointing your client if you choose shutters.

2. Property value

If your client has asked you to improve the value of their property, installing window shutters is a great way to do this. Window shutters help insulate a property from external noise and they also enable its owner or tenant to control the property’s interior temperature and light level. These benefits can drastically improve the experience of living in a property and can, therefore, drive up its value – great news for you if you’re aiming to sell or rent the property. If you’re an interior designer who has been asked to renovate a client’s home, they’ll also be pleased if you manage to increase its value at the same time.

3. Longevity

Shutters are highly durable and timeless in style, meaning they last for years without deteriorating or looking out of date. Plus, they require little maintenance. If you want to keep your clients happy for years to come, it’s worth opting for shutters over alternative forms of window covering.

Here at Shutter World, we believe that shutters are the ideal window covering, regardless of whether you’re decorating your own home or someone else’s. If you’re a professional decorator or renovator, you should think about investing in shutters for your clients’ property. Take a look at our gallery for inspiration or get in touch with us today for a free instant quote.

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