Minecraft Villager Costume in simple Swedish style


DIY Minecraft villager costume

DIY Minecraft villager costume
DIY Minecraft villager costume
8. When it fits, glue the Styrofoam head holder in the box.

Minecraft Villager Costume: Painting the grids

7. Cut an indentation to the Styrofoam using a hot wire or even a knife. Take extra care with both programs, one is popular, the other is sharp. Do a dry fit on your kid’s head. Make alterations till it fits and is comfortable. Also try it out within the box. See the diagram.

10. When the head is assembled, draw a 3 cm grid using a pencil on the surface. This will let you paint pixels out of Minecraft. It won’t fit perfectly, which means that you may be generous with all the top and bottom lines, even as the will be marginally wider than 3 cm. A couple of millimeters don’t really make a huge difference. The box has been 34 cm long and 11 pixels are 11×333 cm.
14. Ultimately, cover the rear of the mind as it reveals the IKEA box assembly directions. We used a brown packaging paper, but you may even paint it. You can even paint the entire head with pixels, even in case you’ve got time.
DIY Minecraft villager costume

12. Cut a 1 cm broad gap for eyes. We did it right under the black complexion in one version and directly in the eyebrow in a different one for a friend. The latter seemed better.
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2. Cut the fold surfaces of the lid using a sharp knife or scissorsbecause we don’t want them to pay for the box.
We generously ignored this step as it was 10pm and also the costume party was the next day.

9. You can now close the box using a glue gun from simply gluing the edges. I also strengthened the different parts of the box by adding some excess glue.

Focus on dimensions, as the box must match on a mind and shall not break on the kid’s shoulders. This hack is actually simple, but an adult is required for the cutting component.
DIY Minecraft villager costume
DIY Minecraft villager costume

1. Build the PAPPIS box based on first instructions, except for the lid.

We also had some fun in IKEA and the reward for your costume was a slice of ALMONDY. The price is insignificant; we utilized stuff we found in home.

Here’s Sylvia within her Minecraft Villager Costume.
3. The lid will be the face and will be painted after. The assembly instructions are going to be on the outside (normally the base of the box), so that will be the back of the mind. Turn the box so the face is extended as display on the image and the side becomes the base. Mark with a pencil.

IKEA items:
  • 1 PAPPIS box
Other tools and materials:
  • Pair of scissors (large )
  • Knife (sharp, pointed)
  • Glue gun (for pace and strength)
  • Acrylic paint & brushes (other paint may do)
  • Pencil
  • Styrofoam sheet (5 cm thick minimal )
  • Brown packing paper (or cardboard) (optional for covering back with IKEA directions )
  • Foam rubber (1 cm thick) (optional for 3D nose)
  • Piece of cable and a pincer (20-30 cm) (optional for cutting and heating Styrofoam)

Directions for Minecraft villager costume

DIY Minecraft villager costume
6. Glue the Styrofoam sheets together and be sure that they fit in the box. I utilized a glue gun. Don’t glue it into the box nonetheless.

Minecraft Villager Costume: Pairing the head

13. Cut the rubber band to the size of 6×12 cm or 2×4 pixels measured on the facial grid. Paint it and glue it to the mind making certain one pixel hangs off in the side. You may also use Styrofoam for the nose, in case you really want it to be three dimensional. It ought to be just one pixel 3 cm thick.

4. Cut a hole at the base of the head (originally the brief side of this box). Ensure that the hole is large enough to fit your kid’s head in. Ours had been 19 cm in diameter.

We used 3 bits, to create the item 15 cm thick. In the event you have thinner or thicker Styrofoam, correct accordingly. You can even use scrap Styrofoam from old boxes, quality doesn’t matter, since it’s going to be inside and the only real job is to hold your mind.
My daughter wanted an Minecraft villager costume for a party, which meant we needed an elongated cubic mind.

It does not need to be ideal. It is easier to cut, should you paste the cardboard bits that produce the side of the box together.

We did not have lots of time, thus we decided to search for an off-the-shelf box to begin with. Off we went to IKEA and the PAPPIS box needed a perfect size for an 11 year old.

5. Cut the Styrofoam plank into 3 square pieces about 24 cm on each side, which means they fit in the cover of the head, on the other side towards the hole. These can help to maintain the mind on the kid’s real head.

11. Paint the grid based on the diagram below or in any way you like. You are able to Google up any Minecraft confront and copy it, or you can create your own production.
DIY Minecraft villager costume



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