New Things, New York & New Year


How is it March already?  I understand a cliché but time does fly.  We’ve had a wonderful start to 2019.  Some good jobs are on the go and we have been busy stocking up on the shop again after a busy Christmas period. .  Olivia and I travelled to New York early February where we spent 10 days trudging around in snow and freezing conditions to get some wonderful items for Black & Spiro.  Some of my favourite finds could be seen above including classic paintings and one-off textiles.  We have things coming weekly in the trip so be sure to pop in the shop for a visit if you are looking for something extra special.

Central Park was similar to, as among my instagram followers said,’a scene out of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe’.  Pure Magic especially for 2 Aussie women used into this unbearable humidity in Brisbane.

Seeing New York’s vintage markets is one of my favourite things to do.  There is just so much and so little luggage space that making a determination on what comes and what has to remain is extremely difficult.

I usually always have a buying regret, and this trip was no different.  On our very final day I found this fantastic book that I must have bought and now so desperately wish I had but alas, we’d so much to find home and I had to leave it all behind.



Olivia’s first trip to the Big Apple and the weather surely turned it around because of her!  She was in snow paradise.

For me, a trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without a meal at my fave Osteria Morini in Soho.  Easy, traditional, hearty Italian.  Enjoy it so much.

We visited Freemans for a bowl of warm soup following our trip John Derian’s heavenly shops just around the corner.  I was sad to see that Peels had shut just a couple of weeks prior to our trip!!

This trip, we stayed in mid-town at The No Mad and that I was taken with the construction that we looked out onto out of our area and hotel rooftop.  One of my instagram followers informed me that it is the home of this very fashionable Isabel and Ruben Toledo!  Click HERE to see and read more about these and their seriously amazing house in the clouds!

Our active week in NY came to an end.  We had a fabulous time and came home with lots of beautiful things and a great deal of great inspiration for our entire year ahead. 

Despite all that New York is, I was happy to come home for this!



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